1. Class Uniform Service

Olino is specialised in serving demanding uniform customers and their users in industries like airlines, retailing and hotels. We design and develop the clients' unique uniform products.



Delivery and service solutions are set up to meet the customer requirements. This ensures an impeccable look of uniformed staff while minimising the uniform cost.


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Airline uniforms
STOCK PROGRAM Olino offers airline uniforms and accessories from stock. These are stylish, tried and tested uniforms with no risk. All garments and accessories are developed specifically for use by pilots, cabin crew and ground staff.

Hotel uniforms
CUSTOMIZED UNIFORM SOLUTIONS Olino delivers uniform collections which are specifically developed  to meet individual airlines’ requirements. Major airlines work with Olino to design, develop and deliver their uniforms in a safe and cost effective way.

Retail uniforms
LOGISTICS AND SERVICE Olino assists airlines In creating a smooth and reliable service to the uniform users. This may include on-line ordering, controlling the allowances, making individual alterations and managing the stock.

Olino uniform customers